A botanical creative agency specializing in floral creative direction, production, and styling. We create floral encounters with a deep understanding of ecological, spatial, and cultural dimensions.


Floral creative direction and design services for projects ranging in scale and scope from larger scale installations and production of events and experiences to styling, props, and editorial, film and photo shoots. We collaborate with stylists, set designers, production companies, cultural organizations, creative directors and private clients.

  • installations
  • interiors
  • styling
  • set design
  • creative direction
  • sourcing
  • production
  • events

For custom services, please inquire.


Ever wonder where your flowers come from in winter?

As we shiver in our thick coats, it's not the time to pick fresh flowers from your backyard or the local farmer's field. Luckily, that doesn't mean there aren't great materials, it just means you have to look little harder.

Le fleuriste works on two opposite but complementary scales. We source locally AND identify good global supply chains to work fluidly to meet your floral design needs.

Above and beyond just looking for ‘green’ or ‘eco’ labels, we carefully choose the people we work with and source from to redefine the traditional supply chain, and get as close to the producer as possible, making sure that the quality of our materials are as high as possible, and the global impact as low as possible. We seek out the tiny nursery, the little known specialized farm and fabulous forager, and certainly don’t settle for what easy, cheap or simply available at the mainstream market.

Most importantly, we believe that flowers are beautiful and fun, interesting and uplifting. Through pop-ups, workshops and our blog, we aim to bring people closer to enjoyment of the floral world.

Le fleuriste is a proud member of the slow flower movement


Creative Direction

Creative Direction, Design & Production

We design and produce floral installations and events from initial concept to breakdown. We continually push esthetically, look above and beyond the trends, go back to the source, spend the time researching, and catching the anachronisms to ensure that the final outcome has that extra something, feels right, and goes beyond the ordinary.

Thanks to a grounding in architectural principles and practice we understand space, its constraints and most importantly, how to transform it. We also have the technical knowledge to create, direct and produce complex installations in an efficient, time sensitive manner. We are set apart by innovative and robust answers to difficult technical solutions.

Photo: The Elephant Family Last; Vogue.com; Pablo Enriques for Luteca Furniture; Clockwise from top.


Styling, Props & Editorial

Le Fleuriste has been involved in still life and floral photography from the outset. We understand how to get the most out of the florals, how to source the right colors, and how to propose the unusual and unexpected. We love props and styling - be it a full table scape, a whole room or the specks of pollen on a pistil.

Photo: Pipa Drammond ; Gental & Hyers; Adrian Mesko; Clockwise from top.

Le Fleuriste

Exploration of the botanical world

Most importantly we are deeply interested in flowers. Le Fleuriste NY grew from Le Fleuriste International, an ongoing project about cut flower culture based in New York and Paris. Le Fleuriste International has since become a platform/think tank for continued research on the botanical world at large and regularly exhibits in Europe and America.

We collaborate with thinkers, photographers, and artists through magazine articles, workshops and events, to educate and be educated.

For information on our upcoming events or to inquire further about potential collaborations drop us a line at [email protected]

Photo:Antoine Espinasseau Last; Assaf Shoshan; Clockwise from top.


We’ve been fortunate to work with leading brands in fashion and cutting edge public relations companies, interior designers, production companies, as well as some high profile cultural organizations who care about the same things we do.

  • A space for Giants
  • Brockschmidt & Coleman
  • Decon Productions
  • Dineen Architecture
  • Elephant Family
  • Elle Decor
  • Fashion Institute for Technology
  • Fluent City
  • French Cheese Board
  • Hamilton Design Associates
  • Hauser & Wirth
  • Hesperios
  • Hermès
  • INCA Productions
  • Lanza & Baucina Production
  • Luteca Design
  • Mode PR
  • O’Sullivan Antiques
  • Oui Management
  • Pop Sugar
  • Red Bull Studios New York
  • Vogue
  • W Magazine
  • Zady
  • NHK TV


Le Fleuriste New York is lead by Elena J Seegers, founded in Paris as [Le Fleuriste International](http://lefleuristeinternational.com/) in 2011 with Simon de Dreuille.

Elena was born in London and raised in the rolling hills of Southwestern France. After training in architecture at ENSA-Versailles she worked in Paris and Copenhagen before moving to New York. Elena is an artist, architect, but above all a passionate and adamant floral advocate and designer. Her keen eye and uncompromising aesthetic sensibility guide everything that Le Fleuriste delivers. Elena also co-directs Keiki Club.

Keiki club / NYBG Botany Certificate
Member of the Slow Flower movement
Co-directs Keiki Club